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No matter whether you are looking to find reliable information or simply want to get advice from fellow Iranians in Toronto, our Iranian members will be able to tell you where to watch your favorite team’s next match on TV, or where to find the best nan-e kabab in Toronto.

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The Inter Nations community in Toronto is also a very lively offline network.

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Iranian-Canadian women struggle to mix cultures; some excel.

More than 100,000 Iranian-Canadians are worrying about loved ones in repressive Iran this week as they prepare to celebrate the Iranian new year on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Meanwhile, here is an extensive 2007 piece on Iranian women in Canada. Poregbal lives among more than 10,000 Iranian-Canadians in the Vancouver area’s North Shore, at the foot of evergreen-covered mountains that remind her of northern Iran. Outgoing and feisty, Poregbal is one of only a few Iranian-Canadians who would talk on the record to about issues facing Iranian women and her oil-rich homeland, which has long drawn the attention of Western powers.

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The possibilities for interacting offline are sure to satisfy a wide range of tastes, from a hip dining experience in one of Toronto’s trendy restaurants to a joint trip to French-speaking Québec, with its strong provincial identity.Toronto Asian Dating Website, Toronto Asian Personals, Toronto.

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