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Dating app Clover reveals the emoji people like and loathe - Daily Mail

It's FUN to use" (Mike P.)This app is free to download and contains a free gallery with 50 adult emojis. Unlocking gives you a unlimited access to all the unlocked adult emoji for life including future updates! All personal information; credit card & bank info, social security number - essentially anything you type or receive that is of sensitive nature...developer has unlimited access too. SO, everyone sending naughty images and texts to their spouses / loved ones, etc .... why would anyone give some random person that they don't know complete access to what's stored on their phone.

Emoticon Gallery

Emoticon Gallery

Luckily, researchers are starting to better understand how people perceive emoticons in various contexts (emojis may be having a moment, but they’re not as universal as the top three old-school emoticons: the smiley, the frowny, and the winky).

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Using emoticons dating:

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