What are the chances of me dating a celebrity

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There's a lot of anticipation and planning and our dates are never a rmarole since we are perennially trying to pack in quality over quantity. Now coming to the disconcerting part, you've to learn a few things:- dealing with adulation (from both sexes).

What are the odds of a famous female celebrity movie star ever.

Flattered because celebrities are charismatic with an established fan following and if you're a girl next door, you wonder how on earth did you get lucky to grab his attention.

<b>What</b> <b>are</b> the odds of a famous female <b>celebrity</b> movie star ever.

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Our times together are full of laughter, affection and role-play.

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In addition, celebrities, actor in my case, are hh on imagination.Why It's Impossible to Date a Celebrity - The Daily Beast

What are the chances of me dating a celebrity:

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